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Good Lighting in a Company’s Office

Sunlight is vitally important for our wellbeing. So working in an office with little natural light might, in the past, have had adverse effects. But not any more. Solar lighting from Parans uses new technology to bring natural light into all parts of a building, even windowless rooms.

Parans uses solar panel sunlight collectors that constantly track the sun as it moves throughout the day. The captured natural sunlight is then transferred throughout the building. These solar panels are leading the way for indoor lighting and are already being used as a common lighting solution by many well-known companies and organisations.

How the Panels Work

Parans solar panels are placed on the roof of the building and will face the sun at all times throughout the day. They are designed to track and follow the movement of the sun like a sunflower so that they are in constant contact with the rays. The collectors can have many fibre optic cables leading from the roof, down into the building where they are dispersed throughout the structure. These cables can be attached to hundreds of different lights throughout the building providing every single room, even those without windows, with strong, natural light to illuminate them without the need for harsh artificial lighting.

Best Lighting Arrangements

There are three main ways in which the ParansĀ  solar panels system can distribute natural light inside a building. First, there is ‘Point Light’, which spreads the sunlight over large areas, perfect for large rooms like conference rooms. Second, is ‘Ceiling Light’, which illuminates a room from above and gives the illusion of sunlight pouring in through an open ceiling shaft. Great for large open plan offices. Third, is ‘Wall Light’, which spreads the natural light across a large wall area, much like a waterfall, illuminating the walls and lighting up the room or corridor indirectly. With a Parans system everyone can enjoy the sunshine.