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The importance of civil rights law

Every country needs a strong civil rights law if it is to have a harmonious society. With a strong civil rights law in place there will be less resentment, with, consequently, less likelihood of civil unrest.Lawyer

The Benefits To Society Of A Strong Civil Rights Law

When civil rights are strong more people will feel included in a society, which should make that society healthier. With equal opportunities, for instance, so will come the greater chance of more people receiving a good education. While there will be a deeper pool of talent in society as a whole, when no particular group has been excluded.

The Impact On A Society When There Is No Civil Rights Law

If there isn’t a strong civil rights law in a society, then this gives power to bigoted elements of a society who believe that they are superior because of the colour of their skin, gender, or sexual orientation. Whereas a strong civil rights law empowers groups in society that had previously felt excluded or discriminated against, no civil rights law would have the opposite effect. The affected groups would then feel persecuted at worst, or undervalued at best. It’s also obviously important that civil rights enforcement agencies ensure that civil rights laws are not broken.

The Example Of The 1964 Civil Rights Act In The US

A strong civil rights law can make people feel more safe. If they don’t feel protected under law, then they will feel that they are more likely to be attacked – as was the case for black people in the southern states of the US until the 1964 Civil Rights Act. That act has changed American society so much in the decades since that there is now a black president in power. Though there is no society that is completely without discrimination, strong civil rights laws will always greatly reduce the actual levels of that discrimination.